Thursday, August 2, 2007

Number Of Artists: Some Thoughts

A couple of people have forwarded information about the Blogger Show to their blogging colleagues and we have gotten some requests to be included in the exhibits.

At this point, we are looking at all of the bloggers having a work included in the show in NYC. The space that we have found for the exhibit is small, around 400 sq/ft, and we have already forwarded information to you about size restraints. If we add more people to the exhibit, there is a very real possibility that this will become a small-works exhibit, with an even tighter size restraint.

So, where is the balance point? We want the presentation to be nice and with the survey show format, it is sometimes best to plan on making sure there is enough space so that works don't compete.

The roster right now includes twenty-five artists. How many artists can we comfortably expand to without diluting the existing roster's presence? Another thing to consider is the Pittsburgh shows. We have more room at the spaces in Pittsburgh. If you, as individuals included in these exhibits, are willing to absorb the cost, there is more room available at one of the Pittsburgh venues.

As, I have said before, one of the most interesting things about this show is how it might play out online.

Also, any artists added after this point will have to live with the name we picked.


Anonymous said...

I'm not certain what this Blog Show is about, but if your looking for bloggers who happen to be artist you should check out Brian Sherwin.

This cat has interviewed an alarming amount of artists for about a year. He has even interviewed top dogs like William T. Wiley!

I'm sure he would send you a link to his paintings if you asked.

Anonymous said...

Here, I got his email for you from the site. balhatain at catmacart DOT com

Mark Creegan said...

The advantage of limiting the size would be the cheap cost (depending on weight) of shipping for each artist. Perhaps the Pittsburg show is more of a juried situation? Those of us interested in submitting for both could send jpgs?

I am not concerned anout diluting the roster, and I cant speak for all the participants but I am fine if John and Susan make the final decisions from here on out. We voted for a title which was great, but if for ease of mind and practice, they lay down the law I think that is great also. I am just happy to take part.

prettylady said...

I can't believe I didn't recommend this person much earlier, but please consider inviting Jackadandy to be in the show.

Also, Painterdog.

These are both excellent artists, and committed bloggers and blog commenters who are well worth the space.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am with Mark. It's great that we were asked about the name, but I think the gallery hosting this event has curatorial say too.

....There are many artists who blog who are great (if I could vote for more, I'd add Chris Ashley, Carol Es, Baby Smith from the west coast), but space will be a consideration....

I just hope I can go to one of the shows!


prettylady said...

I vote for Carol Es, too!

Marc Snyder said...

I'll be putting together an online version of the show which will include as much of the artwork from all of the venues as possible.

It might be interesting to include an artist as curator feature - each artist in the show could have links from their work to other artist/bloggers that they would recommend to the viewer. A personal set of links for each artist. Maybe for the sake of consistency, we choose a number - five links, say - so as not to simply reproduce everyone's sidebar from their blogs.

I'd like to see the cyber-show version of the Blogger Show grow as many tentacles as possible. . .

Mark Creegan said...

I love that idea marc! And it opens it up to artists who for whatever reason cant participate in the actual show.

I may be imagining this but there seems to be a very generous quality to artist bloggers. I mean the ones who we've met who ask you to cover your paintings when the curator comes around to visit their next door studio dont blog. its not in their nature.

Susan Constanse said...

Wow, lots of great ideas!

Marc, blogger as curator seems like such a natural extension of this project.

Mark, you're right. I've met some great, inclusive, artist bloggers.

John Morris said...

For, the record-- Carol Es was invited but has declined for practical reasons. I think she had some other shows at that time.

I strongly second Marc Snyder's idea as one way to potentialy expand the show online.

So, it sounds in general like people are ok with trying to invite some more people. The biggest issue to start with should be how to deal with the NY show. If the current concept applies--of every artist having one work in that small east village space it can easily become some kind of micro art show.

The other big wild card is the mysterious-- Panza Gallery in Pittsburgh that I mentioned wanted to be involved. The owner is very nice and open to ideas but he will not be able to keep the exact same schedule for his show. He has a November show planned out and is only free for December and potentialy January. His particular situation seems easy for local artists but a bit of a hastle in terms of shipping and hanging a big group show from all over.

Basically we are just two little galleries with a lot of practical limitations on what we can carry off.

I am sort of promising a pretty hastle free situation for him.

John Morris said...

Hi everyone. We are now more firm as afar as the details of the Panza Gallery part of the show. He will be able to keep the same dates which i think will make things a bit simpler. He has about 450 square feet of space available for this show.

Hi Susan/john

After speaking with John I agreed to run the show here the same length as all the others Nov 10 to Jan.12. I'd like to have work here at least a week before to install. So lets say deadline for delivery should be Saturday November 3rd or sooner. Pick up of unsold work should be no later than January 19th, 2008. Size & weight limitations are as long as it can fit through a standard door 36 x 80. I should be able to install on my own but will let you know if I need assistance. The pages look great just need to change the dates to the full spectrum of the show and list an Opening Reception for Sat. December 15th. I'll just use half the space in the lower gallery and have coinciding exhibits in that time period.
Let me know if you have any more info for soon,

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