Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Rose Is A Rose--- Deadline For Comming up with name

Okay, your last chance to add any new names for The Blogger Show name is here. You have until 11:59PM, July 27, to add any new names to what we have already accumulated.

Let's say this for now; let's keep the comments for this post strictly about the Blogger Show name. There are some other things that have come up, but we will be posting additional information and opening up discussions in separate posts.

The entire list --



2.0: We are They
Art 2.0
Art 2.0: You are We are They
20+ 2.0 Artists


"Linking the Ether to the Blart"
a case study in 2.0

The Blogger Show


Powered by Bloggers - an exhibition of work by artists who keep web logs

Blogospheric Art - an examination of connectivity and creativity on the Internet

Shifting Discourse

Split Discourse

Schizophrenic Discourse

Happy Medium

It Came From the Ether

The Rainshadow* Group

Sifting Dialog

Blogger Biennale

The suggestions are not in any order of preference, just randomly assembled. Here's the big thing: first thing on Saturday morning, we put up one last post with all of the choices. At that point, we'll start the vote. You have until 11:59PM on Monday, July 30, to post your top three picks.


Mark Creegan said...

"Off the Link"-derived from off the chain

"The Underblogs"

"Ether/Or" -- my fav right now

"Artist Types"

"Artsy Types"

Mark Creegan said...

I also like the idea of using those greater/than less/than symbols used for tags. I tried to submit something with those but blogger rejected it as bad HTML. Arg!

This isnt a submission but in my conceivin of possible titles I thought of the perfect blog title for a certain smooth sailor we all love- "Kenny Bloggins"

I am such a nerd.

Lisa said...

I like the idea of putting the name inside

<art 2.0>

(you have to type &lt; and &gt; to get them to show up in text - otherwise they are assumed to be an html tag)

J.T. said...

Maybe I'm boring but my clear favorite is "The Blogger Show."

My 2 cents...

Tracy said...

I guess I am boring too. I like The Blogger Show. I also like Linked, or maybe Links. Some of the others might be a bit beyond an audience who aren't so familiar with the technical aspects of computers. Like me.

Also, no matter what the name is the PR is going to have to be really descriptive if we want non-bloggers to be interested enough to come and see it, let alone buy anything. I still often have to describe what a blog is. Hard to believe there are still people that don't read blogs:)

Lisa said...

There are people that don't read blogs?


Susan Constanse said...

Lisa --

Tracy said...

Can you imagine? Must be total outsiders:)

John Morris said...

The Blogger Show has its advantages. One of them is what happens when you google it-- this blog comes up.

It also has disadvantages in terms of being simplistic. I doubt the name will do well with people like Roberta Smith. It also doesn't capture the fullness of what I am hoping to do which is extend the show with web projects and other things that are not purely blogs.

Obviously, I put it up to start with cause, I liked it a bit and am fine if that ends up as the final name.

The one thing that will not work well is having a name so generic, that it gets lost on seach engines.

John Morris said...

I will try and test out some of the names to see what comes up in gogle searches.

Michael said...

I vote for something that's both interesting in print and fun to say:

BLART! (I added the "!")

Happy Medium


I also think that you could simply add a colon to the end of any of these and then "The Blogger Show" and be descriptive as well as clever.

BLART: The Blogger Show

John Morris said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be proceeding with the voting.

Thank you for all of your suggestions

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