Friday, July 6, 2007

Blogger Show Thoughts

Bill Gusky has done a good job at pointing out the reasons that I hesitated to do a show of artists with blogs. This is the kind of show that would encompass a large number of spaces and be on a pretty vast scale to make a dent in the subject. It seems for that reason, few people have tried it. The truth is that the tiny space in NY, I will be renting-- I need exact measurements but it's not much more than 400 square feet and the 1750 sq ft. (or so) of my Pittsburgh space are hopelessly inadequate and my budget and connections are even more so.

For that reason, I wanted to try to enlist other galleries both inside and outside of Pittsburgh to somehow involve themselves. By pure luck, Boxheart gallery, in Pittsburgh will be having a show of Tracy Helgeson which can be promoted as if we had planned it. Also, I got one other gallery here that wants to host the show.

One big problem (which is a major reason I want to do the show) is that Pittsburgh's art scene is sadly disconnected from any major art media and my little gallery is marginally funded and unlikey to rack up a lot of sales to support the show. For that reason, I don't think it's a worthwhile project to to involve too many non regional artists in the Pittsburgh shows which will be a bit more locally focused.

At this point, several out of town artists will be have big roles. Tracy, will have just one work in my Pittsburgh space, but by default will have a big role in the project because of her Boxheart show. Bill Gusky has agreed be in a two person show with Susan Contanse in Digging Pitt Too. Local artist, Marc Snyder will have a show of his Zero Sum Art Project. Several other out of town artists may also play significant roles. The vital thing is that, A) the work is good, but sadly for practical reasons, that the artist really wants to be part of the show. I will not be able to cover shipping costs, either to or from the gallery and i need all kinds of other help with the shows.

One of the main areas of help will be in online promotion of the shows. I am also looking for projects that can be extended into the online world.


mary klein said...

I added the Pittsburgh show to the calendar on - a project of The McKnight Foundation and Walker Art Center. As we settle on the show title and other things, I'll go back and edit this entry - as well as add the NYC show info.

John Morris said...

Thank you, Mary

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